MountainBilly MeatBall Mix Instructions & Tips

Hey, Y’all! My name is Billy (da goat) & I am SO happy ta see dat y’all were able ta get

ur hands on some of my (soon-to-be!) world-famous MountainBilly MeatBall Mix!

Now roll up dem sleeves, don yer purty lil’ apron, & let’s get ta spoiling dat four-legged

friend of urs wit some DEE-LICIOUS, bakery-quality, home-made dog treats!


(Be sure ta read til the end cuz there’s a free treat waiting just fer you!)



What Ur Probably Gonna Need:

  • Some of my (soon-to-be!) world-famous MountainBilly MeatBall Mix
  • One egg fer each cup of da MB MB (that’s short fer MountainBilly MeatBall!) mix that ur planning on using today
  • Some good ole H20 (dat’s just water) – probably bout a cup should do ya just fine
  • Some cinnamon – but only if ya have some handy! (It’ll keep ur kitchen from smelling like bologna! Ur just gonna havta trust me on dis one!)


Da Oh-So-Simple Instructions:

  • Pre-heat dat there oven of urs to 350'. 
  • Dissolve dat enclosed bouillon cube thingy in a cup of some boiling, hot water.
  • Fer each cup of mix that ur using , add one egg yolk & just enuf of da broth to form a ball.  (Yer probably looking at bout a half a cup.)
  • Lightly coat a cookie sheet wit some of dat buttery cookin' spray stuff.
  • Form da dough into whatever size MeatBall yer pooch desires (if ya used a lil’ too much of dat H2O stuff & yer dough seems just a lil’ too wet, just add some more MB MB Mix if ya have any, otherwise throw in some good ole flour.)
  • Once u got um all on da baking sheet, give um a lil' sprinkle wit just a smidge of dat cinnamon I was tellin’ ya about.
  • Bake um fer bout 12 minutes fer da small ones & fer bout 20 minutes if yer making bigger ones. Da longer da better -- so long as ya don’t burn um!
  • Turn off dat oven of urs & (IF ya can) just leave um in there 'til they're good & cool. (I leave um overnight if I ken.)
  • Now share ur home-made MeatBalls with ur furry friends! Sit back & wait fer da tail waggin’ & slobbery kisses to begin!


Some Quick Notes Fer Ya:


*  These lil' buggers last longer if ya store um uncovered & outta da fridge.

*  Both the dough & the meatballs can be frozen for future use.

*  One cup of my (soon-to-be!) world-famous MountainBilly Meatball Mix will make ya bout seven dozen of da small balls er about two dozen of da bigger uns.



Special -- just fer you!


Leave Billy here a comment (good er bad!) on what ur pup thought of da (soon-to-be!) world-famous

MountainBilly MeatBall Mix. Once I get word, I’ll get ya a code fer a complimentary

bag of my (soon-to-be!) world-famous MountainBilly MeatBall Mix! Share wit ur friends! I’ll get my

peeps over at ta set dem up wit a sample size bag AND you get urself

some super good credit fer da referral! Win win! Bone appetit!





Y’all may have heard somewhere along the way that some of da herbs that we use at the MB Mercantile to create this wunderful mix can be bad fer yer dogs. In excessive doses this ken certainly be true, but we use a very small amount. My own lil’ critters eat um all da time and are doin’ just peachy! However, it’s always advisable ta check wit yer vet “just in case” & certainly check wit da vet if yer pup has any already known allergies er health conditions.


Benefits of MountainBilly MeatBalls:


We make no promises, but da MB MeatBalls MAY:

  • help prevent da formation of blood clots 
  • decrease da cholesterol build up (anti-cholesterolem
  • widen da blood vessels – dats right, can make um bigger so da blood flows better
  • help prevent da formation of tumors/ da dreaded “C” word 
  • stimulate da lymphatic system to remove wastes (ick!)
  • have antibiotic, antifungal & antiparasitic (dat includes dem flea & tick buggers!) properties
  • act as a diuretic (dat means it makes yer pup pee! Ha! “pup-pee!”, get it?!), which ken help arthritic dogs suffering from poor waste elimination (ick!) &  may be helpful fer dem darn urinary tract infections (Owww!)
  • work as a breath freshener fer stinky dog breath (ick!)
  • help wit digestive problems like dat & gas (ick & pee-u!)
  • help improve da skin, hair, & eyes
  • improved der liver function
  • help reduce anxiety in da wound up pups
  • may assist wit da diabetes control

What I will guarantee is dat der just gonna doggone love da MountainBilly MeatBalls to pieces!